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Sustainability marketing expert available

Thursday, August 4 2016 12:00am

As your organization generates “green” content, OHIO College of Business expert Colin Gabler is here to answer all of your sustainability related marketing questions.

Colin Gabler, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing and Freeman Fellow has conducted extensive research on the overlap between sustainability and business strategy. His work ranges from ethical sales leadership to green consumer behavior to sustainable supply chains and disaster management. He can comment on how policy makers and business managers alike can strive to achieve environmental and social good while not compromising the bottom line, as well as on the history and current global trends in sustainability marketing. He also can offer insight into how companies can differentiate and position their brand based on their sustainability initiatives. Find out more about GablerListen to a sample of Gabler’s insights.

Media contact:         

Mackenzie O’Dwyer, marketing communications specialist, Ohio University’s College of Business at or 740-593-2032