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The Copeland Core Experience

Friday, February 23 2018 12:00am

Learn how the Copeland Core allows students to gain early experience within the College of Business

By: Joel Shump

SarabankovichThe Copeland Core is a handful of entry-level business courses that exposes Ohio University College of Business students to the basic principles of business, making them better prepared for choosing a major, joining the right student organizations, meeting the college’s academic expectations, being competitive for career opportunities. 

Sara Bankovich, College of Business Honors student who just recently completed the Copeland Core, details her experience. Sara is an accounting and business pre-law major.  

How would you describe your experience in the Copeland Core?

My experience in the Copeland Core is something I am definitely grateful for. I'm an out-of-state student, so I didn't know many people coming into college. I'm also a first-generation student, so I didn't necessarily know what to expect. On my first day of class I was able to meet 27 other students in my learning community (LC) whom I would have four classes with. To my surprise, I had at least one other student from my LC in each of my classes.

If I had to describe the Copeland Core in one word it would be beneficial. It was so beneficial to have a group of students who you take class with. I was able to build a support system and have friends to study with. Because of my immediate support system, my transition from high school to college was not hard. I was able to get adjusted to living in Ohio, living on such a wonderful campus, and becoming independent.

What skills did the curriculum provide you with?

The Copeland Core curriculum provided me with a mix of soft and hard skills for the business world. In my LC I was able to interact with like-minded students who all were driven to excel. Since they were all strong leaders, we were able to learn how to deal with healthy competition and how to effectively collaborate in a team setting.

In Introduction to Business Communications (BA 1500), I learned how to effectively write in different business formats such as emails, memos, and cover letters. In Introduction to Business (BA 1100), I learned the basic facts of business and the overall skills needed for success. And, in Introduction to the College of Business (BA 1000), I learned how to write an outstanding resume and LinkedIn profile. The skills the Copeland Core provided me with are all crucial skills that not everyone gets as a first semester freshman.

Have you chosen a major/minor and if so why did you select them? Do you know what you would like to do after college?

When I was 14, I knew that I wanted to major in accounting. I loved math and working with numbers but did not want to major just in math nor become a math teacher. After talking to several family friends of mine who majored in accounting, I decided that it was the right major for me. Obviously as a 14-year-old in eighth grade, I had very limited access to business opportunities, so I didn't necessary know what accounting exactly was. After doing research and taking accounting in high school, I fell in love with the logical, practical, and mathematical nature of it. 

I was able to take Accounting 1010 my first semester of college which really locked in that this was the right major and career path for me. Every day of class filled me with excitement for what my future holds. I've always had an interest in law so after learning about the impressive business pre-law co-major, I decided to add that and become an accounting and business pre-law major.

What type of career do you want to pursue after college?

After college, I plan on getting my CPA and working in the public accounting field.

Do you feel that the Copeland Core has prepared you for success in the College of Business?

The Copeland Core has definitely prepared me for success in the College of Business. Not only does the Copeland Core curriculum provide you with classes that prepare you with skills for the business world, but you have to take Introduction to the College of Business (BA 1000). The course curriculum was all about the amazing opportunities Ohio University’s College of Business has to offer. The course was taught by Professor Jen Murphy who is also the assistant dean of career management and student success.

Jen Murphy’s passion about the College of Business and every individual student is prevalent in and out of the class. She brought in professors from each major, minor, and certificate programs, representatives from selective programs and leadership opportunities, and even the Dean and the Senior Associate Dean of the College of Business to talk to us. 

What was your favorite course or favorite part about the Copeland Core and why?

It's hard to pinpoint my favorite part of the Copeland Core just because all of it was a wonderful experience to have right away during my first semester, but my favorite course would have to be Introduction to the College of Business (BA 1000). Professor Jen Murphy was so passionate about both the College of Business and every individual student in the College of Business, but in class she really focused on each and every one of us. Her class made me so excited for the rest of my time at OHIO and for my future.

Another one of my favorite parts would probably have to be all of the connections I've made thus far. I still talk to and can count on the people that I had in my LC today. All of the professors I've had from the Copeland Core are all so willing to help out with anything. The Copeland Core definitely makes me proud to say I am a Business Bobcat!