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Three women organizations at the College of Business promote equality, discussion, and connections

Wednesday, August 26 2015 12:00am

Don’t worry, though, men. All of the women’s organizations at the College are open to male members, too

By Brianna Wilson

What better way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day than to talk about women, women’s issues, and student organizations that are focused on women? The College of Business at Ohio University has three organizations dedicated to just that – and they’re all looking for new members this year. Check them out, below.

OHIO Women in Business

Otherwise known as OWIB, OHIO Women in Business is the largest women’s organization in the College, boasting 120 members. 

“OWIB is a student-run organization whose main goal is to attract young, talented women to the College of Business,” said OWIB President Rachel Niese. “Once they’re here, we aim to really develop their professional skills, with an eventual goal of launching them into a successful career.”

In the past, OWIB has hosted one professional event and one membership meeting monthly. They’re upping the ante this year by adding another professional event to their roster. Each event has a speaker, usually a professional alumna from the College. Alumnae also are part of a new mentoring program that OWIB is launching this year.

“Having a really strong network of women made up of your peers and professionals to connect with is a fantastic resource,” said Niese. “It’s so rewarding. I hope students continue to take advantage of it.”   

Want to learn more about OWIB? Contact President Niese, or attend the organization’s upcoming meeting Wed., Sep. 2 at 8 p.m. in the Computer Services Center 121B. The organization is open to students of all majors and sexes.

Women in Information Systems

A small, engaged group, the Women in Information Systems Organization strives to further develop and engage women (and men) in the Management Information Systems major.

“It’s so important to allow women to have an outlet to develop in a profession that is traditionally male-dominated,” said faculty adviser Deanna House. “Especially because information technology is such a stressful environment. Women in particular sometimes have difficulty with work life balance, but they are valuable contributors in the field.”

The organization helps women to begin thinking about topics like these through discussion. They cover issues such as data analytics, mobile app creation, start your first day off right, and even host special recruitment guests. According to House, the organization generates a lot of interest from recruiters in the industry that are interested in talking and engaging with its members.

“Being involved in the organization puts members at the forefront of professional development,” said House. “Not only because it allows them to interact with recruiters, but also because it addresses issues such as work life balance.”

Interested in joining? Contact President Emily Tedford for more information, or simply show up at the first meeting of the year Wed., Sep. 2, from 7 to 8 p.m. in Copeland Hall 112.

Women in Sports

As its name suggests, this student-run organization takes a team approach: The graduate students partner with both alumni and undergraduate students, Sports Administration faculty band together to support the organization, and males are active participants, too.

“Male students and faculty understand that the lack of women in the industry is not a women’s issue, but rather an issue in the industry that happens to be about women,” said Heather Lawrence-Benedict, a faculty adviser. 

Much of the organization’s activity centers on exploring this issue, through speaking engagements, community involvement, professional development opportunities, and professional conferences.  

“Our mission is to empower females looking to work within the sports industry, and provide opportunities to grow both personally and professionally,” said Kali Krisik, president of Women in Sports.

The organization’s first meeting will be Tues., Sep 1, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Contact Women in Sports’ President Kali Krisik, for more information.

College Commitment to Diversity

“The College recognizes the value that diverse viewpoints and experiences bring to education – not just for women, but for all aspects of diversity,” said Hugh Sherman, dean of the College of Business. “These differing perspectives enrich the student experience, and the College is happy to support them.”