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Top 10 reasons to get an MBA from Ohio University

Tuesday, July 5 2016 12:00am

The class of 2016 shares why they chose OHIO’s One-Year MBA program.

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1.    AACSB accredited program

“The first thing I did when I decided to get my MBA was look for an accredited institution within the state of Ohio. I was impressed by Ohio University’s One-Year MBA program. This program was AACSB accredited, and it allowed me to graduate within 12 months. It was the perfect program for me.” – Jessi Cox-Wallace

2.    Accessible professors

“I appreciated the access to the professors outside of the classroom. All my professors were very engaged, willing to answer questions, and always available to help.” – Daniel Krajcik

3.    Gain real-world experience

“The MBA program is designed to expose students to real-world work situations. Projects will be challenging, and you’ll work outside of your comfort zone. It taught me how to keep an open mind and adapt to changes.” – Harrison Hightower

4.    Become a business leader

“Choosing Ohio University’s MBA program was definitely worth it. The program prepares you with the technical skills, leadership skills, and teamwork experience you need to be successful in the workplace. This program is great for someone looking to become a manager or leader in business.” – Francesco Marini

5.    You don’t need a background in business

“Regardless of whether you are in business, health care, engineering, or even a science field, you need to understand business operations to some extent. This is the perfect program to get a holistic understanding of business, including a strong footing in finance, leadership strategy, and human resources.” – Daniel Krajcik

6.    Passionate professors

“Between the client projects and learning how to work on a team, I felt the MBA program really prepared me for a career after graduation. Many of the professors also taught us important life lessons. I appreciated that more than sitting behind a book or an article all the time.” – Grant Canning

7.    Apply with 0-3 years of work experience

“The main reason I chose OHIO’s MBA program was because of the seamless transition after the undergraduate program. I was already on campus and could finish my MBA without needing years of work experience.” – Harrison Hightower

8.    Graduate in 12 months

“You have to make the MBA program a priority. You can expect challenges during the 12 months, but this is one of the most rewarding programs I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.” – Jessi Cox-Wallace

9.    Discover new career goals

“When I first started the MBA program, I thought I wanted to pursue a career in college sports. After learning about the financial and business side of sports, I’ve changed my mind. Now, I’m really excited to start a career in sales or sponsorship with an agency or sports team.” – Grant Canning

10.  Build professional connections

“A lot of the coursework is done in a group, and you will learn a lot from your peers. As someone who came from abroad, I think a cohort structure is the perfect setting for this kind of experience. You work hard with your classmates throughout the year, and working with the same students allows you to bond and network with everyone.” – Francesco Marini