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Top five reasons to consider Ohio University’s Professional MBA

Tuesday, June 14 2016 12:00am

Wondering if a Master’s degree in Business Administration is right for you?

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At Ohio University, we understand the needs of a part-time student and a full-time professional. That’s why we’ve designed the Professional MBA program. You’ll earn the same degree as a full-time resident, but in a format that’s right for you.

Here are the top five reasons to consider Ohio University’s Professional MBA program:

1.    Flexible curriculum designed for you – a working professional

Ohio University’s Professional MBA program is designed to fit within your work schedule. There are six virtual classes per semester that allow you to conference in wherever you are, and the flexibility of online learning modules gives you the freedom to study when the time is right for you. Combined with once-a-month Saturday classes in Dublin, Ohio, you won’t miss out on the opportunity to network with your colleagues and faculty.

2.     Apply what you learned today, on the job tomorrow

We want to help you become a business leader. Class projects and group discussions will expose you to a variety of business disciplines. Understanding the connections between each field gives you a holistic view of business operations and prepares you to make an immediate impact in your organization.

3.    Earn your degree from an accredited program

The PMBA degree program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the hallmark of excellence in management education. Of more than 15,000 business programs around the world, less than one percent are accredited at the undergraduate, graduate, and accountancy levels. Ohio University is part of that elite group.

4.    Invest in your future  

Whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, Ohio University’s Professional MBA program offers competitive tuition rates that you’d expect from a state university, but with the academic excellence and personalized attention of a private school. We’re confident this program will be one of the smartest investments you’ll make.

5.    Build your business network  

You will start and finish the program with your cohort. Your colleagues and our executive-in-residences come from a variety of business backgrounds. Their diverse industry connections will allow you to build a network across all business fields, and can open doors to future opportunities.  

Need more reasons to get an MBA? Hear from our students and why they chose OHIO’s Professional MBA program:   

“My cohort is filled with a diverse and intelligent group of individuals—unlike other graduate-level programs. Going through the entire program with the same group of individuals is awesome. In my opinion, the relationships you develop and the people you get know is unparalleled to any other MBA program out there.” – Lindsay Vigorito, ’17 PMBA

“The Professional MBA program is best described as a career accelerator or multiplier. If you’re only a year or two out of undergrad, consider waiting another year or two so that you can maximize your career acceleration. If you’ve been in the workforce for a while and already have a lot of career velocity (I had almost 15 years before starting the program), it will likely be harder to go back to school, but your multiplier will be that much better.” – Dan Stamm, ’16 PMBA

“It fit my schedule, my needs, and my budget. I have two small children so it was very important for me to find a balance between my schoolwork and my family. Ohio University’s Professional MBA program is an AACSB accredited program that ended up being a great financial and time investment.” – Christa Duffy, ’16 PMBA

“I’d never taken a business class in my undergrad, but I knew that I needed to push myself if I wanted to grow in my career. In Ohio University’s PMBA, there’s a diversity of backgrounds represented and we’re all in this together.” – John Fidler, ’15 PMBA