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Two College of Business Teams Tie For First In Global Business Competition

Friday, April 24 2015 02:00am

Two College of Business Teams Tie For First In Worldwide Glo-Bus Simulation Will Compete in Glo-Bus Superbowl In May

By Patrick Durante

ATHENS, OHIO – Two groups of three undergraduate College of Business students recently tied for the best performance out of 2,607 international teams from 147 universities in the Glo-Bus International Business Simulation. The “Dharma” team included students Samantha Ciraci, Courtney Crestani, and Justin Nedell while the “Camera Diaz” team included Lange Carter, Denis Iacob, and Wesley Thompson.

The simulation, which focuses on international business investment and market development, is part of the Transnational Strategy and Organizational Leadership course taught by Dr. Michael Geringer.

“The simulation mirrors the real-world nature of international business in a 'high tech' environment,” said Dr. Geringer. “The simulation captures many dimensions of globally competitive marketplaces – rapid growth, broad international use of the product, competition involving firms from multiple markets, manufacturing based in low cost regions with different levels of skilled labor, and a diverse and complex mix of competitive approaches and company strategies.”

According to Dharma member Courtney Crestani, the constant analysis of competitive approaches and company strategies was the biggest contributor to her team’s success.

“The Glo-Bus simulation helps students to understand all the decisions that go into running a business, and how each decision affects the bottom-line,” said Crestani. “I think the biggest factor in our success was our analysis of the results for each round. We spent a lot of time trying to understand how the decisions we made affected our overall performance. We also looked at the decisions our competitors were making to try to anticipate their moves.”

The importance of paying attention to the moves of competitors was echoed by Camera Diaz member Denisa Iacob.

“Our team was successful by always paying attention to the competitors’ moves and adjusting our strategy based on those results each round,” explained Iacob. “We learned that you can not make one overall strategy and stick with it because changes do happen. You have to be attentive to those changes.”

As a result of their success, both teams will be invited to the annual Glo-Bus Superbowl, which features the top worldwide teams in the weekly simulation from the previous year. According to Crestani, the competition begins shortly after the spring semester concludes in mid-May.

“I am proud of how well our students performed,” said Dr. Geringer. “To have OHIO represented at the very top from thousands of teams – and by two teams, not just one – that is an amazing achievement and one that speaks well for our International Business major and the foundation we provide in the College.”

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