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Two New COB Certificates Allow Students Even More Choice to Enhance Their OHIO Experience

Wednesday, August 28 2019 10:10am

Students have the opportunity to stand out with new Consumer Research and Festivals, Events, and Entertainment Management Certificates

By Jim Harris

Ohio University undergraduate students now have two more certificates to choose from as they're creating their academic and career plans. New offerings from the College of Business include the Consumer Research (CR) Certificate and the Festivals, Events, and Entertainment Management (FEEM) Certificate. The FEEM Certificate is unique for its three specialization-areas approach and collaboration with the Patton College of Education.

Festivals, Events, and Entertainment Management

The FEEM Certificate Program will prepare students to meet the growing demand for individuals who can effectively plan, organize, and implement festivals, events, and entertainment experiences in a wide variety of settings. The need for professionals with event and entertainment management experience and knowledge, production skills, sponsorship and funding capabilities, risk management awareness, is expected to increase exponentially over the years.

All certificate students will take a management class before continuing with courses specific to their area of specialization. Areas of specialization include 'Restaurant, Hotel, and Tourism,' 'Festivals, Parks, Recreation, and Leisure,' and 'Sport Management.'

Assisting with the FEEM Certificate Program - providing content across all of the specializations, co-designing the required management course and sport management specialization classes, and potentially co-teaching courses with sports administration faculty— will be a team of College of Business Fellows. They will bring ‘industry’ into the classroom.

  • Keller Taylor, MBA '08, MSA '09 is an expert in operations management and a Certified Venue Professional.
  • Jackie Reau BSJ '92, MSA '12 is CEO and Co-Founder of Game Day, an award-winning multimedia marketing firm in Cincinnati.
  • Don Schumacher has more than forty-five years' experience operating sports facilities, bidding on preparing for and presenting sports events and consulting in the sports event travel industry.
  • Justin Bergh is the general manager of The CrossFit Games and brings twenty years of event management, golf industry, sport technology, and media negotiation expertise to the FEEM Certificate.

According to Sports Administration Department Chair and Associate Professor Jim Strode, "This certificate is truly interdisciplinary, and is not primarily focused on sport so students can use this to transition into a variety of entertainment careers, including the management of entertainment festivals. Students will be presented the theories and best practices in the classroom, and later gain real-world field experiences that we'll assist them in acquiring."

To learn more and apply, visit the FEEM Certificate webpage.

Consumer Research

The Consumer Research Certificate — sponsored by the college's Consumer Research Center and initiated by Chair and Fox Associate Professor of Marketing Katie Hartman and Assistant Professor of Marketing Jacob Hiler — will provide undergraduate students the opportunity to develop research skills through in-depth experiential learning courses focused on live-client consumer research projects so they have the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences needed for jobs in consumer research.

When asked about the creation of the certificate, Hiler said: "The Consumer Research Certificate was created to give our students the ability to show that they have obtained exceptional skills in the space of consumer and marketing research. For years, our students have graduated from our program having developed excellent skills in both qualitative and quantitative research. They have developed skills in focus group moderation, interviewing, survey-writing, data analysis, videographic research production, and physiological research."

Hiler also added, "[Students] have also presented to many organizational leaders including CEOs, board members, and executive leaders at so many different companies, making wide reaching impacts through the consultative approach that we take with our clients. Though our students have already leveraged these experiences significantly in their internship and job interviews, this certificate will help them stand out from the pack that much more."

To learn more and apply, visit the CR Certificate webpage.

Additional Information

The CR and FEEM certificates join existing Ohio University College of Business offerings which include Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, Human Resources Management, International Business, Sales, Strategic Leadership, and Supply Chain Management. (Certificates are offered by the college in addition to majors, minors, and graduate programs, such as the One-Year MBA and Master of Accountancy.)

Students are also encouraged to review the Undergraduate Catalog for additional details about the Consumer Research Certificate and Festivals, Events, and Entertainment Management Certificate.