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What you missed this month in the Schey

Monday, November 21 2016 12:00am

The Schey Sales Centre hosted their largest Sales Symposium, won first place in the International Collegiate Sales Competition, toured three corporate partner facilities, and it didn’t stop there...

November has been a busy month in The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre. Between sales competitions, networking events, mock sales calls and company tours… there’s no slowing down! With all the exciting news, we wanted to take a moment to recap what you missed this month in the Schey:  

1.   19th Annual Schey Sales Symposium

On Thurs., Nov. 3, the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre hosted its 19th Annual Schey Sales Symposium. Corporate partners, local professionals, faculty and students were invited to learn about coaching, communicating and cultivating in the workplace.

Attendees heard from OHIO’s very own executive director of the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre and professor of sales Dr. Adam Rapp and executive-in-residence of management Tim Reynolds. They also learned from industry leaders including Erin Fischer, owner of the Leadership and Training Studio, Dr. Nick Panagopoulos, professor of Marketing at The University of Alabama, and Tony Nuckolls, vice president of training and development at Quicken Loans.

And we can’t forget the inspiring student TED Talks by Jacki Andrascik, ‘19, Barbara Bruce, ‘19, Jennifer Vance, ‘20, and Sydney Wolff, ‘17. 

This year, the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre hosted 260 guests, making it the largest event yet. As Dr. Rapp put it, “[The Schey Sales Symposium] was an incredible event!”

2.    International Collegiate Sales Competition

While the Schey Sales Centre was busy working on the Sales Symposium in Athens, Dr. Jess Ogilvie, assistant professor of marketing, took an undergraduate team of students down to Florida State where they competed in the International Collegiate Sales Competition.

ICSC invited the top 40 schools in the country to compete in the Sales Management Case Competition. The Schey Sales Centre qualified to compete this year based on their fourth place ranking in 2015. The Schey also qualified to compete in the Role Play Competition.

This year, the Centre brought four students to the competition and they all achieved great success.

In the role play competition, Nicole Bolzan, ‘19, made it to the wildcard while Adam Moses, ‘19, made it to the semi-finals as a top 20 competitor out of nearly 200 students. On the case study side, teammates Andre Whiteleather, ‘17, and Halley Hinderer, ‘18, were named the 2016 ICSC Sales Management Case Competition champions.

Overall, this was the highest achievement Ohio University has received at this event, and the feeling of excitement and pride will last forever.

“I was honored to be asked to compete at ICSC and represent The Schey Sales Centre and Ohio University,” said Whiteleather. “During the three-day competition, Halley and I spent nearly every hour of the day together and worked very well together. We were able to bring our biggest strengths out in one another and the team comradery we had was a big key in how we were able to win the competition. Before the competition, we also spent a lot of time with Dr. Jess Ogilvie and Greg Scott who were able to help prepare us for the case competition through practice case studies. Halley and I went into the competition excited and ready to compete thanks to Jess and Greg.” 

3.   Company Tours

Schey Sales Centre students toured three corporate partner facilities this month: Quicken Loans, Schlumberger, RevLocal, Gartner, and Apex Systems.

Quicken Loans



Schlumberger (1)


Revlocal (1)

4.     Mock Sales Calls

 Students enrolled in the Fundamentals of Professional Sales course perfected their professional selling skills during mock sales calls with corporate partner DISH Network.

The roles were reversed during this roleplay as the Schey Sales students had to sell the satellite service to DISH area managers, who acted as homeowner buyers.

And it didn’t stop there, the students acted as college recruiters for Ohio University in round two of their mock sales calls.