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Words of WISdom from Emily Fuller (PMSA '15)

Thursday, December 7 2017 12:00am

This week, OHIO Women in Sports Committee interviewed a recent PMSA graduate and Wasserman's Senior Manager, Emily Fuller (PMSA '15). Here are her words of WISdom.


Emily Fuller (PMSA '15)
Senior Manager, Brands at Wasserman

Could you please describe the process of developing strategy recommendations for brands?

[Can’t give away the secret sauce!] Any strategy recommendation is built on a thorough analysis of numerous factors. Those factors could be lining up the audience a brand is trying to reach against several sports verticals to understanding how competitors are activating across the industry. Once you’ve identified the whitespace, then comes the creative part – what does the brand bring to the table and how can we create a mutually beneficial partnership with the property or talent? It’s these questions, with infinite answers, that keep me excited about our industry and my job. Strategy work is a wonderful blend of in-depth research and creative thought - right and left brain – that allows us to bring forward the best recommendations for our clients.

How has your previous work experience helped you get where you are today?

My experience has been in and out of the sports industry; from basketball operations at the NBA team level to corporate partnerships at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and now sports and entertainment brand consulting at Wasserman. While I’ve worked with many types of individuals over the years, the key takeaway for me has always been the importance of communication. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with NBA coaches, corporate partners or brand executives, if you’re able to communicate effectively, you are more likely to adapt and excel in any situation or job.  

What's the biggest challenge you've faced during your career? How did you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge of my career was deciding to go back into the sports industry after being removed for about five years. I have an incredible husband and family who supported my desire to get back into the industry by getting my graduate degree through Ohio University’s Professional Master of Sports Administration program. Without their support I wouldn’t have a job that I love, classmates who I consider life-long friends and a network with unmatched industry connections that will serve me my entire career.

What advice would you give to women pursuing a career in sports? 

My advice to women pursuing a career in sports is threefold: outwork everyone else, be open to feedback (stay humble!) and find your mentor. Our industry is built on connections so if you prove that you’re a hard worker, you’re willing to learn plus you have someone willing to fight for you – you’ve got all the ingredients to excel in our industry.

How has the OHIO network affected your career after graduation? 

The OHIO network affected my career before graduation! I reached out to numerous alumni after a couple months in the program to understand their own career paths. Those conversations (thank you again Emilio Collins, Jamie Wolfe and Kevin Babusiak!) led me to my job at Wasserman about six months into the program. I’ve always viewed the OHIO network as a two-way street. You have to put in what you take out. I’m incredibly thankful to those who picked up the phone when I called during my early days as a Bobcat. My goal since graduation has been to give back and connect as much as I can. As an advisory board member, talking with students while on campus or catching up with my classmates through group texts and calls… it’s the sum of those interactions that build the sense of family and belonging that the OU Sports Ad Program was built upon and maintains to this day.