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Words of WISdom from Keeshna Levy

Tuesday, May 22 2018 12:00am

Keeshna Levy,Senior Account Manager at Endeavor Global Marketing and MBA/MSA class of 2010 offers her Words of WISdom.

1)    Could you please describe a typical day at work for you?

As a member of an Agency Account Team that provides full service agency capabilities to global brands, responsibilities include supporting our clients with their sports partnership approach, strategy & creative development, activation, talent sourcing/management & executive management.

For example, a typical day in the office may include the following:

o   Providing POVs on potential partner opportunities

o   Aligning with the partner sports leagues or clubs on their plans for the upcoming season

o   Creatively ideating on concepts for the upcoming season

o   Leading multi-stakeholder client calls and meetings to align on plans for the upcoming season

o   Leading planning for international events in collaboration with clients in Europe, the Middle East & North America

o   Creating documents for client executives and partner review

o   Budgeting estimates, tracking & reconciliation

When onsite for an event, responsibilities typically evolve into including:

o   Event Operations/Oversight

o   Talent Appearance Management (Sports Players & Legends)

o   Client Hospitality

o   Client Executive Liaison/Support

2)    What's the most challenging part of your job?

In my experience, collaboration and effective communication can be challenging when multiple stakeholders and teams are involved.

3)    What are some of your work experiences that have helped you get to where you are today?

Having played soccer throughout my youth and through high school, I had an interest in gaining experience during my time at UNC Chapel Hill through sports internships with UNC Football, Eurosport, the Tar Heel Sports Network, Raycom Sports, etc. More specifically, working as a Public Relations/Recruiting Assistant on behalf of the UNC Football program exposed me to careers in sports administration/business, led to me pursuing my graduate studies in sports administration at Ohio University, and to my current global sports partnerships career.

4)    How has the Ohio network impacted your career after graduation?

The Ohio Sports Administration network and alumni family has been integral throughout my career since graduation. Upon reflection, each position I have had to date has Ohio as the common thread.

o   My first position out of graduate school in August 2010 I reported directly to fellow Ohio Alum Beth Brockert Bacon.

o   I learned about my second position working on behalf of a global brand’s partnership with the 2014 FIFA World Cup by attending a networking event with my fellow classmate & alum Christina Wright.

o   I learned about my current position because fellow alum Jose Duverge passed my resume along to an HR contact from a previous job. During the interview process, I learned that fellow alum Lindsey Eckhouse was a person that my current VP and I had in common.

5)    If you could give a shout out to a fellow Bobcat, who would it be and why?

                     Three fellow Bobcats come to mind.

Doc K – Thanks to you and your efforts in mentoring and guiding me throughout my time at Ohio. I have fond memories of our meetings discussing how to best navigate into a future career that provided the opportunity to have a career related to my interests in global partnerships.


Dr. Stacey Brinkley (Former Associate Director of Diversity at Ohio University) – Thanks to you for helping me secure the first-ever Graduate Assistant Position supporting the OU Vice Provost Office of Diversity, Access & Equity. It was an honor to support your team and the other centers in servicing the individual and collective interests of students, faculty and staff members at the university.


The Women of the Ohio University Sports Administration Program – It is a pleasure to be in partnership with you as phenomenal women pursuing our passions and careers in the sports business industry.