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Our Approach

Our promise is to provide you opportunities to learn about yourself and your world, apply that knowledge, and participate in leadership opportunities that will transform you, so in turn, you can transform the world. We provide you the framework that allows you to be the architect of your future success.

Undergraduate Majors

Whether you want to start your own business, love working with numbers, or aspire to solve complex business problems through technology, the Ohio University College of Business will give you the tools you need to meet your goals. Choose from one of our 10 majors and get started building your portfolio of knowledge, skills, and experiences that are in demand in today’s complex, global marketplace.


No matter your major, the knowledge and skills you’ll gain with a minor from the College of Business will be valuable in your job search and ability to be successful throughout your career.


The certificate programs offered through the College of Business at Ohio University are rigorous academic programs coupled with applied, hands-on experiences. The required class load ranges from 15 to 27 credit hours and is recognized on your transcript.

Graduate Programs

From the classroom to the boardroom, from the shop floor to the executive suite, a graduate degree from Ohio University’s College of Business leverages education with experience to create a challenging, stimulating, and life-changing education.

Selective Programs

Are you an overachiever? Are you the type of student that goes beyond a presentation poster and creates a poster and a 3D model to better illustrate your project? If you’re a student that thrives on challenges, is driven to excel, and wants to change the future of business, then the College of Business has a variety of selective programs that are right for you.