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Financial Planning Certificate

Earn your credentials. Prepare for your business in financial planning.


The certificate requires a minimum of 27 hours in required courses. With the financial planning certificate, you will be qualified to pursue entry level positions as a financial planner at a financial planning firm, insurance company, investment firm, or bank. With completion, you’ll be eligible to sit for the national CFP® Certification Examination. 

Courses in Financial Planning Certificate

All students complete these nine courses:

  • ACCT 1020 - Decision Making with Accounting
    Use of accounting information for making managerial decisions. Study of cost behavior, overhead costs allocation, basic cost accumulation systems, elementary capital budgeting, master and flexible budgets, and cost control. (Requisites: ACCT 1010 and ECON 1030; Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • ACCT 3400 - Introduction to Federal Income Tax Planning
    Overview of the impact of federal income taxes on conducting business transactions. Required for accounting major. (Requisites: ACCT 1020 is REQUIRED and ACCT 3040 and FIN 2400 are HIGHLY recommended; Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • BUSL 2000 - Law and Society --OR-- BUSL 2550 - Corporate Responsibility in a Legal Environment
    Check course offerings for requisites
  • FIN 3310 - Risk and Insurance
    Social importance of risk and its place in personal, business, and national life, including principles and methods of handling risk. Special interest in technique of insurance. (Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • FIN 3410 – Investments
    This course covers the principles used by investors to identify and evaluate various investment alternatives. (Requisites: MATH 1350; Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • FIN 4100 - Personal Financial Planning
    Introduction to financial planning for individuals. This course will survey the topics of money management, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. (Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • FIN 4110 - Retirement Planning
    Provides students with knowledge of public and private retirement plans. Specifics of the various plans are analyzed and issues that individuals face in retirement are discussed. (Requisites: FIN 4100; Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • FIN 4120 - Estate Planning
    Focuses on the efficient conservation and transfer of wealth, consistent with the client’s goals. Legal, financial and nonfinancial aspects of the process, including topics such as wills, trusts, probate, wealth transfers, and related taxes. (Requisites: FIN 4100; Credit Hours: 3.0)
  • FIN 4140 - Cases in Financial Planning
    Critical thinking and decision-making about personal financial management topics in the context of the financial planning process. (Requisites: ACCT 3400 and BUSL 2550 and FIN 3310 and 3410 and 4110 and 4120; Credit Hours: 3.0)


For more information about the Financial Planning Certificate, contact Travis Davidson.