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International Business Certificate

Impact and empower the global business environment.


Through the international business certificate you will learn the basic issues involved with international business. You’ll be prepared to bring a valuable global perspective to the workplace. This certificate program consists of fifteen semester hours including four required courses, one elective course, and completion of one approved international experience. Admission is competitive and candidates must apply.

The international business certificate is provided through the College of Business’s Center for International Business. The Center for International Business was established in response to increasing globalization in business. With this shift, the Ohio University College of Business recognized a need to provide students the skills and perspectives needed to function in an increasingly diverse and complex global context. We recognize that the best way to give that context is through international business experiences, the kind of educational experiences offered through the Center for International Business.

Required Courses Include:

BA 4915 - International Business Experience

Use of accounting information for making managerial decisions. Study of cost behavior, overhead costs allocation, Students participate in the Global Competitiveness Program or other approved international experience. Students will be required to prepare a reflection paper describing their learning about global/international business from the experience.

Requisites: Participation in Global Competitiveness Program or approved alternative international experience. Permission required.
Credit Hours: 3.0

MGT 3600 - Introduction to International Business

Study of emergence of U.S. and non-U.S. multinational corporations, scope of their operations, and their impact on U.S. economy and consumer. 

Credit Hours: 3.0 

MGT 3650 - International Market Assessment and Entry

Examination of concepts, frameworks and tools for assessing international market opportunities and for selecting and implementing appropriate means of international market entry.

Credit Hours: 3.0 

MGT 4640 - Cross-Cultural Leadership and Management

Survey and analysis of similarities and differences in leadership and management systems, processes, and styles, as well as evaluation of changes and their impact across countries and regions of the world. 

Credit Hours: 3.0

Elective Courses Include:

Complete one of the following courses:

BA 4905 - Seminar in Business Administration

Seminar in Business Administration with topics determined by the assigned instructor. Topics will vary across offerings of this course so please see the Management Department for specifics.

Credit Hours: 3.0

ECON 3400 - International Trade

International trade patterns, theories of absolute and comparative advantage, classical and modern trade theory, tariffs, quotas, nontariff barriers, preferential trading arrangements. 

Requisites: ECON 1030
Credit Hours: 3.0 

GLC 4912 - International Internship

Allows students to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in two years of project-based learning on global issues. Taken after sophomore year, with faculty approval. Written report and oral presentation on internship experiences to sophomore and junior GLC students upon return.

Credit Hours: 0.0-6.0
Lecture/Lab Hours: 1.0 field experience/internship, 1.0 independent study, 1.0 research

MGT 4650 - Transnational Strategy, Organization and Leadership

This capstone course in international business integrates theoretical and applied managerial concepts, strategies, and organizational practices associated with complex international and multinational organizations; administration of foreign operations; differences and conflicts between domestic and international policies and practices; and integration of cultural, technological, knowledge and organizational management imperatives in complex multinational and international operations.

Requisites: (MGT 4640 or 484) and COB and (Jr or Sr)
Credit Hours: 3.0

MKT 4410 - International Marketing

Focuses on understanding the major issues facing international/global marketing managers today through the application of marketing principles in the international/global business environment. 

Requisites: MKT 2020 or 2400
Credit Hours: 3.0

International Experience

Students must participate in the Global Consulting Program, OHIO International Consulting Program, or another approved applied international business experience, working with an organization in a foreign host country. 

Need more information about this certificate?

For more information about the program, please contact Professor Rachida Aïssaoui or Professor Marcelo Cano-Kollmann.