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Go beyond foundational principles and explore advanced accounting topics and trends.

OHIO's Full-Time Master of Accountancy is a 30-credit hour program for students with an undergraduate degree in accounting and a 42-credit hour program if principles of accounting courses are required. 

Core Courses

MBA 6320   Data Analysis for Decision Making 
MBA 6325   Prescriptive Analytics 
MBA 6390   Predictive Analytics
ACCT 6100  Advanced Managerial Decision Making
ACCT 6200  Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services
ACCT 6250  Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
ACCT 6300  Accounting Theory/Research
ACCT 6400  Advanced Tax Planning and Strategy
ACCT 6500  Professional Ethics and Communication
ACCT 6800  Contemporary Topics in Accounting (Capstone)

Principles of Accounting Courses

MBA 6315   Accounting for Executives
ACCT 5010  Intermediate Accounting Concepts
ACCT 5020  Advanced Accounting Concepts I
ACCT 5030  Advanced Accounting Concepts II

Principles of accounting courses are for students who hold an undergraduate degree in business rather than accounting.