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Get the business essentials in one year.

Ohio University recognizes that MBA students find value in gaining knowledge that closely aligns with their career goals. That’s why we've carefully crafted our curriculum to provide you with holistic MBA knowledge.

The One-Year MBA program is a 42-credit hour program that can be completed in one year. Along with gaining core knowledge, you'll expand your skills with the professional development seminars.

MBA Core Courses

MBA 6315 - Accounting for Executives 
MBA 6320 - Data Analysis for Decision Making 
MBA 6325 - Prescriptive Analytics 
MBA 6335 - Managerial Finance 
MBA 6340 - Organizational Behavior
MBA 6350 - Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain Management
MBA 6360 - Strategic Use of Information   
MBA 6370 - Operations Management
MBA 6380 - Strategy
MBA 6900 - Leadership 
MBA 6900 - New Venture Planning
MBA 6900 - Consulting Capstone 
MBA 6900 - International Business Immersion 
MBA 6900 - Ethics

Special topics focus on but are not limited to: professional sales, entrepreneurship, leadership development, business plan design, consulting, change management, ethics, business law, communication strategies, and a host of guest speakers speaking on relevant industry topics.