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Tuition & Financial Aid

A life-changing investment.

Ohio University offers one of the most affordable, academically rigorous MBA programs in the country. We were recently recognized as the top two percent of more than 22,000 universities in the world for our academic quality by the Center for World University Rankings. As an MBA student, you’ll have access to an outstanding education at one of the lowest costs for any major business school.

The One-Year MBA program also considers all admitted students for graduate assistantships that can provide a valuable learning experience and help to cover program costs.


Tuition & Fees Ohio Resident Non-Resident
Tuition $12,282 ($4,094 per semester) $24,270 ($8,090 per semester)
General Fees $1,884 ($628 per semester) $1,884 ($628 per semester)
Program Fee* $6,846 $6,846
SIS Fee $99 $99
College of Business Technology Fees $450 ($150 per semester) $450 ($150 per semester)
Well Being Fee (estimated, subject to change) $180 $180
Annual Health Insurance Fee** (estimated, subject to change) $1,784 $1,784
Legal Fee (estimated, subject to change) $36 $36
Graduation Fees $105 $105

Tuition and fees are subject to change.

*Pending Board of Trustees' approval.
**Waived if proof of coverage is shown; required of international students.

Projected Non-Tuition Expenses

Books & Supplies (estimated) $1,200 per year $1,200 per year
Room & Board (estimated) $11,500 per year $11,500 per year