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Business Minor

An understanding of the basics of business will give you an edge - no matter your major.

No matter what your major, the knowledge and skills you’ll gain through the Business minor will be valuable.  Having an understanding of the foundational concepts of business that come by completing the minor in business will help you in your job search and in your ability to be successful throughout your career. 

The minor is designed to provide students in majors other than business, an understanding of the language and basic concepts of business. The focus of this program is on the application of these concepts. The minor consists of seven courses, one each from the areas of accounting, business law and corporate responsibility, finance, management and human resources, management information systems, marketing, and operations management.

Required Courses Include:

ACCT 1010 - Foundations of Accounting

Introduction to the accounting process, external financial reporting, and analysis. Introduction to compound interest concepts, Financial Literacy concepts and budgeting. Some managerial accounting concepts will be discussed. This course is required for all Business Minors and College of Business Majors. 

Requisites: MATH 1200 or D005 or PSY1110 or Math placement level 1 or higher
Credit Hours: 3.0

BUSL 2000 - Law and Society

Conceptual approach to origin, nature, structure, functions, and procedures of law, with study of ethics and introduction to constitutional, administrative, criminal, tort, contractual, international, and environmental law, as well as business organizations.

Requisites: Not COB except BS 8123 and (Soph or Jr or Sr) and WARNING: no credit if taken after BUSL 2550
Credit Hours: 3.0

FIN 2020 - Foundations of Financial Management

Introduces the student to the basic principles of short-term and long-term corporate financial management. 

Requisites: ACCT 1010 and not COB except BS 8123 and WARNING: No Credit if taken after the following: FIN 2400 and 3100
Credit Hours: 3.0 

MGT 2000 - Introduction to Management

Understanding of and practice in solving problems facing managers and administrators using concepts and principles from behavioral sciences and other applicable disciplines. 

Requisites: Not COB except major code BS8123 and (Soph or Jr or Sr) and WARNING: no credit if taken after MGT 2100
Credit Hours: 3.0
General Education Code: 2SS

MGT 3000 - Principles of Operations

Not open to Fr., Soph., or BBA Students. Examines how operations management provides a product or service with higher quality and at a lower cost than competition. Emphasis is on providing a conceptual understanding of the operations function, which includes: product/process design, facility location and layout, capacity planning, material and inventory management. 

Requisites: ACCT 1010 and not COB except BS8123 and WARNING: no credit if taken after MGT 3200
Credit Hours: 3.0

MIS 2021 - Business Information Systems Nonmajor

Addresses issues that arise in dealing with management information as a business resource. As an introduction to the field of management information systems, topics covered deal with computer technologies, information development, and impact of information systems on business organizations at a variety of levels, from personal information systems to organization information architectures. Major attention is given to the implications of information systems for achieving competitive advantage. 

Requisites: Not COB except BS 8123 and WARNING: no credit if taken after MIS 2020
Credit Hours: 3.0

MKT 2020 - Marketing Principles

Provides a broad understanding of marketing activities, decisions, and terms with an emphasis on the practices and problems of marketing managers and the analysis of the marketing environment. 

Requisites: Not COB except BS 8123 and WARNING: No credit for this course if taken after the following: MKT 2400
Credit Hours: 3.0

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