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Finance Minor

Step-up your OHIO major with a finance minor which will help you project future growth, analyze expenditure, and prepare you for the world of business, economics, and banking

Challenging financial markets on Wall Street and around the world make the need for savvy leaders with a finance background more vital than ever before.

The finance minor will provide you with a basic understanding of corporate finance, financial markets and institutions, and investments. After getting this basic financial knowledge, you can choose from a number of electives based on your interests to complete the additional required minor courses.

Depending on the electives students choose to take within the minor, they may be prepared for fields such as banking, insurance, government services, or in an array of industries that employ financial analysts, decision makers, financial strategists, budgeting officers, and planners.

OHIO students who are studying math, computer science, engineering, accounting, and analytics are especially encouraged to consider this finance minor. This minor pairs well with OHIO's business analytics minor, marketing minor, and sales certificate.

Courses in Finance Minor

All students complete these three courses:

  • FIN 3000 - Foundations of Financial Management
    Introduces the student to the basic principles of short-term and long-term corporate financial management.
  • FIN 3270 - Financial Markets and Institutions
    Flow of funds and interest-price movements in money and capital markets. Supply of loanable funds and demand for funds in the mortgage loan market, consumer credit market, corporate securities markets, and markets for government securities and municipal obligations. Consideration of effects on financial markets of Federal Reserve and Treasury policies.
  • FIN 3410 - Investments
    This course covers the principles used by investors to identify and evaluate various investment alternatives.

Students finish the minor by completing two elective courses:

  • Eligible classes are included lower on this webpage




  • OHIO's finance minor is offered by the College of Business (COB)
  • The minor's program code is OR6125
  • The finance minor is earned after completing 15 hours of course work

Admission Information

  • Freshman/First-Year Admission: University admission requirements and completion of MATH 1350
  • Change of Program Policy: No selective or limited admission requirements
  • External Transfer Admission: University admission requirements and completion of MATH 1350


Complete course information is available in the Undergraduate Catalog. This includes Repeat/Retake Information, Grades, Requisites, Warnings, and more. Review the catalog and talk with your academic advisor — or an advisor in the Allen Student Advising Center — as you consider this minor.


  • FIN 3000 - Foundations of Financial Management; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 3270 - Financial Markets and Institutions; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 3410 – Investments; Credit Hours: 3


Note: Many of these classes will have requisites (such as QBA 2010 for all 4000-level FIN courses, with the exception of bank management and financial planning courses), so check course offerings for course details as you plan out the minor.

  • FIN 2010 - Basic Personal Finance; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 3200 - Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Modeling; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 3310 - Risk and Insurance; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4100 - Personal Financial Planning; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4110 - Retirement Planning; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4120 - Estate Planning; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4140 - Cases in Financial Planning; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4280 - Bank Management; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4420 - Security Analysis; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4430 - Fixed Income Security Analysis; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4440 - Financial Derivatives; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4520 - Entrepreneurial Finance; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4550 - International Finance; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4590 - Advanced Corporate Finance; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4600 - Mathematical Analysis of Financial Decisions; Credit Hours: 3
  • FIN 4610 - Financial Management and Policy; Credit Hours: 3

Three core courses (9 hours) + two elective courses (6 hours) = finance minor


  • FIN 3000 is available online and counts toward the minor.
  • A student could specialize in corporate finance, investments, or financial planning by selecting specific upper levels for the two elective courses.

The finance minor is available to all Ohio University undergraduate students. To declare this minor, go to your college student service office and ask for a declaration of major/minor form. Use the Request More Information button for help locating your college student service office.