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Finance Minor

Challenging financial markets on Wall Street and around the world make the need for savvy leaders with a finance background more vital than ever before.

The finance minor will provide you with a basic understanding of corporate finance, financial markets and institutions, and investments. After getting this basic financial knowledge, you can choose from a number of electives based on your interests to complete the additional required minor courses. Elective classes include: basic financial planning, equities, financial modeling, advanced corporate finance, fixed income securities, derivatives, bank management, personal financial planning, risk and insurance, and more.

Required Courses Include:

FIN 3270 - Financial Markets and Institutions

Flow of funds and interest-price movements in money and capital markets. Supply of loanable funds and demand for funds in mortgage loan market, consumer credit market, corporate securities markets, and markets for government securities and municipal obligations. Consideration of effects on financial markets of Federal Reserve and Treasury policies.

Requisites: MATH 1350
Credit Hours: 3.0 

FIN 3410 – Investments

This course covers the principles used by investors to identify and evaluate various investment alternatives.

Requisites: MATH 1350
Credit Hours: 3.0

Complete one of the following:

FIN 2400 - Financial Management

This course is an introduction to and overview of financial management.

Requisites: ACCT 1010 and COB
Credit Hours: 3.0

FIN 3000 - Foundations of Financial Management

Introduces the student to the basic principles of short-term and long-term corporate financial management.

Requisites: ACCT 1010 and not COB except BS 8123
Credit Hours: 3.0

Elective Courses

Complete additional finance courses for a total of 15 hours.  Note: QBA 2010 is a requisite for all 4000-level FIN courses, with the exception of bank management and financial planning courses.

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