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Sports Administration Minor

How can you stand out in today’s complex, global, and competitive sports industry?

Stand out by demonstrating an understanding of the integration of the special nature of sports and management theory from a premier sport management program.

Sports administration is an applied field of study based on the integration of the special nature of sport endeavors and management theory, and administrative principles applied to sport involvement. The minor in sports administration at Ohio University is designed to provide you with the academic preparation and practical training required for success in or working with the sport industry.

Required Courses Include:

SASM 1010 - Introduction to Sport Management

Introduction to the multiple facets of the sport industry. The knowledge gained in this course will provide a foundation for the future study of the industry. 

Credit Hours: 3.0

SASM 2250 - History of the Sport Industry

Examines the origin and development of the sport industry in America from the 19th century to the present.

Requisites: C or better in SASM 1010
Credit Hours: 3.0

Complete three of the following for a total of 15 hours:

BUSL 4650 - Law of Sports

Regulations of amateur athletics, public regulation of sports activities, legal relationships in professional sports, enforcement of professional sports contract, liability for injuries, and antitrust aspects of sports activities. 

Credit Hours: 3.0

SASM 3010 - Sport Marketing

Introduces basic sport marketing concepts with application to amateur and professional sport organizations. Topics include promotions and public relations, sport consumer behavior, strategic marketing planning, marketing information management, and marketing communication.

Requisites: MKT 2020 and SASM 2250
Credit Hours: 3.0

SASM 3400 - Intercollegiate Athletics

Focus is on critically analyzing the role of intercollegiate athletics in higher education. Particular focus and discussion centers on the prevailing contemporary issues in intercollegiate athletics including financial trends, legislation, conference alignment, reform, gender equity, graduation rates, gambling, violence, and diversity issues in coaching and management hiring. 

Requisites: SASM 1010 and (Jr or Sr)
Credit Hours: 3.0

SASM 3500 - External Relations in Sports

External Relations in Sports focuses on the job skills and competency areas needed by the industry’s communication, media relations, community relations, and development professionals. The common threads of external relations are information management and relationship building. This class will synthesize public relations, media relations, and building brand equity in the sport context with attention to differentiating special procedures required in handling student-athlete information in intercollegiate athletics. 

Requisites: SASM 1010 and (Jr or Sr)
Credit Hours: 3.0 

SASM 4000 - Diversity and Sport

Examines the role of sport in the lives of women, minorities, people with disabilities, and gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals, and reflects on the special structures and attitudes of sport for these populations. 

Requisites: SASM 2250 and (Jr or Sr)
Credit Hours: 3.0 

SASM 4110 - International Sport Management

Provides relevant theoretical and practical insights from which an undergraduate student can develop a broader awareness and perspective in understanding international sport organizations and business and the practice of business as it intersects with the practice of international sport. 

Requisites: SASM 1010 and (Jr or Sr)
Credit Hours: 3.0

SASM 4350 - Sport Promotion and Sales Management

Provides an overview of the elements of sport promotion and sales. Content includes rationale and benefits of promotion and sales, sponsorship proposals, licensing programs, solicitation of sponsors, and an introduction to the ticket sales process.

Requisites: SASM 3010 and 3120
Credit Hours: 3.0

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