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Selective Programs

Calling all overachievers

Are you the type of student who when told to design a presentation poster will instead make a 3D mockup to better illustrate your project with a video that showed your concept in action? 

If you’re a student that thrives on challenges and is ready to work hard, a student who is driven to excel and wants to hone leadership skills, core competencies, and get prepared to change the future of business, then the College of Business has a variety of selective programs that are right for you. 

Unique OHIO Experiences 

Are you interested in finance?

Join the Student Equity Management GroupStudent Fixed Income Management Group, or Derivatives Management Group and gain extensive, hands-on, experience through investing in real capital for the University.

Do you want to pursue accounting?

Become a SOX Fellow and earn scholarships while participating in the auditing process for the University.

Want to develop your leadership potential?

Do you want to become the kind of leader that inspires others and leads with integrity? Then join the Select Leadership Development Program to develop the self-awareness and skills you need to make that a reality. The Emerging Leaders program is an accelerated development program geared toward OHIO juniors.

Looking for a personalized business learning experience?

Are you an academically achievement-oriented student that wants to pursue a unique program that will challenge you to explore business in-depth with a cohort of your peers while participating in smaller classes, mentoring opportunities, and consulting projects? Read more about the business track in the OHIO Honors Program and take advantage of four rewarding years.

Is sales your calling?

The 'Schey' is one of the nation's highest-ranked sales programs. Learn more about the Schey Sales Centre and how joining as a candidate is just the beginning.