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About Us

Learn about what makes us unique.

Founded in 2013, the Ohio University Derivatives Management Group is the youngest of the three investment groups on campus. The group manages a $7,000 portfolio of equity and ETF options. The group's investment strategy is one that is short-term and tends to be event driven. However, the group will commonly implement unique hedging strategies in times of volatility to take advantage of moves in the underlying asset.

The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group is the only student-run derivatives investment group in the nation that manages real capital. The group has the ability to utilize industry leading technology such as Bloomberg and FactSet to recognize market trends and conduct rigorous technical analysis to understand entry and exit points.

Upon acceptance into the group, members will undergo a one-semester intern program to learn about the basics of equity and ETF options as well as the strategies the group uses for their investments. Upon graduation from the intern program, interns will be placed into a role within the group that best fits their personal skillset. The group seeks individuals who are intellectually curious with the desire to learn a diverse field within finance.