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OUr Culture

Culture creates capital. Read about ours below.

The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group maintains three core values: integrity, solidarity, and respect.

1. Integrity

The group's members represent some of the brightest finance students at Ohio University. Active members are expected to maintain academic and social responsibility and are held to high standards of morality. For example, such academic integrity is demonstrated through the group's strict 3.00 GPA requirement to maintain membership. Similarly, the group maintains integrity through its investments. Through weekly reporting for internal and external purposes, the group maintains its strong relationship with supervisors and faculty.   

2. Solidarity

The Ohio University Derivatives Management Group prides itself on its ability to connect high-achieving students within the College of Business. OUDMG represents a diverse group of individuals across all majors within the college who maintain strong relationships with each other in meetings and in the classroom. Through working in investment and economic groups, members learn the importance of teamwork and strategic thinking to push across investment ideas. Likewise, through faculty and undergraduate taught trainings and similar initiatives, the group is able to bridge the gap between members and faculty.

3. Respect

The group's current meeting layout encourages open discussion surrounding securities to potentially include in our portfolio. Although discussions can sometimes become passionate, the group makes a conscience effort to ensure that every voice is heard and that each member receives a fair chance to argue their opinion. Each member is treated equally, regardless of their title or tenure in the group. This initiative is further evidenced by the group's equal weight voting system, where each member is allowed to vote on each sales pitch, including interns.