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About Us

The Emerging Leaders Program is the first program in the College of Business to offer an unique leadership development opportunity to incoming juniors.

Emerging Leaders is a program dedicated to assisting young professionals develop their professional and personal skill sets. Through a high-touch transformational experience, students will be provided with the tools to become effective leaders. Students will then apply the learned techniques through executive engagement meetings/seminars that we put together as an organization. 

Program Components:

  • Members will begin their journey to becoming a servent leader by reading renounded author Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" in order to learn who they are as a leader and to effectively guide others.

  • Through self-assessment, students are provided the opportunity to identify their personal leadership styles and skills while they focus on areas of improvement.

  • Members are required to create a Leadership Development Plan that provides the student with an opportunity to reflect on and effectively communicate what they have learned in the program. The plan contains multiple components such as goal setting and reflection on coaching sessions, curriculum, and self-assessments.

  • Students are paired with a mentor/mentee in order to provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

  • Students will be provided with the opportunity to engage with successful executives, where they will learn from their life decisions and experiences that propelled them to the position they are now in.
  • A networking trip is an essential and unique part of the program. Each class takes an annual trip to a large city within the United States to engage with alumni and to act as ambassadors to the program and the College of Business.