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Become an Emerging Leader

Application closed and will reopen spring 2021

Our Mission

The Emerging Leader Development Program aims to provide high caliber students with the opportunity to engage in a high touch transformational experience focused on career and leadership development at both the intrapersonal and professional level. Through the process of discovery, exploration, and development, students will attain skills that will differentiate themselves as business professionals and leaders.

Program Overview

A one-year accelerated development program with the goal of encouraging current Ohio University sophomores/upcoming juniors to achieve their potential as a leader. As an Emerging Leader, you will learn critical interviewing skills, study the habits of highly effective individuals, gain insight into your personal leadership styles, expand your professional network, and prepare for a lifetime of career success.

Program Goals

Our Goals for Students

  • Discover the role of a leader, focusing specifically on authentic and servant leadership
  • Discover a deeper understanding of self as a leader and the impact on others
  • Explore various leadership situations and scenarios
  • Build and enhance business professionalism skills
  • Expand on leadership experiences
  • Develop sustainable leadership capabilities

How Students Will Achieve Goals

  • Study leadership and success, integrating qualities into their habits & leadership style
  • Participate in the mentoring and coaching processes
  • Build upon the process of establishing a professional network
  • Actively contribute in leadership engagement sessions
  • Give back by serving as ambassadors of the College of Business

Program Components

  • Leadership development curriculum
  • Self-assessments
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Executive engagements
  • Networking trip


  • Student within the College of Business
  • Sophomore/upcoming Junior
  • A desire to develop yourself and your leadership skills


Application will reopen spring 2021

To apply to be an Emerging Leader, you will complete a 4-part application:

  1. Short Answer Essay Questions
  2. Resume (PDF)
  3. Letter of Recommendation (PDF)
  4. Two Faculty References

The questions for the essay section can be found below so you can prepare before filling in the application. Each response should be approximately half a page in length or six to ten sentences. It would likely be easier for you to type your responses into a Word file or Google Doc and then paste them into the respective questions as you are applying. Your resume should be the most recently updated version so to accurately represent yourself. The letter of recommendation must come from outside of the College of Business and may include staff, former employers, or other non-family members. For the faculty references, please include their full names and their emails.

Emerging Leaders 6 Application

Please respond thoughtfully to every question in short essay format.

Professional Development:

  1. What are your personal strengths? In what areas are you seeking growth? Please explain.
  2. What are you passionate about? Please include both professionally and personally.
  3. Please list and describes all student organizations you are involved in. Include all positions previously and current held as well as positions you expect or want to hold in the future.

Personal Reflection:

  1. How do you learn? What do you do when you face a learning challenge? Please explain.
  2. Identify and explain your personal qualities that differentiate you from the other candidates.

Executive and Alumni Engagement:

  1. What does “engagement” mean to you and how do you bring it to life? Please explain.

Individual Coaching:

  1. Describe your work style. What are some ways you achieve your goals? Please explains.

Social Responsibility:

  1. What kind of volunteer experience do you have in Athens and/or in your home community? Please explain. If none, simply respond “No experience yet."

General Questions:

  1. Please specify how you heard about Emerging Leaders. Also, please identify any specific person that we can thank for the referral. (This answer can be brief – 3 sentences or less.)
  2. Are you currently on any kind of probation with Ohio University? If so, please explain. If not, simply respond “No.”


For more information, feel free to contact Emerging Leaders at