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Parker Foard

Emerging Leader

I ASPIRE TO BE a person that feels successful in my professional as well as my personal life, never being content, and always striving to achieve more. I hear all the time that if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. This drives me to pursue areas that I am excited to experience and learn every day. I believe in pursuing what I am passionate about and not settling for less. 

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio I saw the importance of family, teamwork and relationship building through extracurricular activities and in my education. 

Gaining this knowledge brought me to Ohio University, where I am currently surrounding myself with smart and influential people every day. Throughout my college career it has become apparent to me that the people I work with, the relationships I form, and the culture I am around will motivate me forward. Through involvement on campus as well as in the classroom, I am pursuing my interests in MIS, Business Analytics, and Finance and constantly looking for new opportunities to learn, experience, and grow.