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Where OUSFIMG Members Are Now

The Fixed Income Management Group continues to build a pipeline that includes placement into the best firms across the country.

Name Year City Company
Jeff Darfus 2019 New York, NY Barclays
Lindsay McCuen 2019 New York, NY Goldman Sachs
Dane Toadvine-Caudill 2019 New York, NY Jefferies
Natalie Clark 2018 New York, NY Bank of America
Bobby Gorney 2018 New York, NY Societe Generale
Daniel Hemming 2018 Austin, TX Dell
Dane Hudson 2018 Cleveland, OH Key Bank
Patrick Keefe 2018 Columbus, OH J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Sean Kilbane 2018 Cleveland, OH PNC
Breanna Morrissey 2018 New York, NY J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Emily Varnis 2018 Chicago, IL J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Apoorv Agarwal 2017 West LaFayette, IN Purdue University
Charles Emrick 2017 Cleveland, OH Ernst & Young
Matthew Psellas 2017 Cleveland, OH KeyBanc Capital Markets
Gayane Sargsyan 2017 Armenia KPMG
Damon Smith 2017 New York, NY PwC
Justin Strehle 2017 Newport Beach, CA PIMCO
David Bartizal 2016 Chicago, IL KPMG
Patrick Burke 2016 New York, NY AllianceBernstein
Ford Clark 2016 Cincinnati, OH PNC
Joseph Emering 2016 Charlotte, NC Dimensional Fund Advisors
Michael Goldman 2016 Columbus, OH University of Cincinnati
Kevin Hill 2016 Atlanta, GA IBM
Cody Laney 2016 Pittsburgh, PA PNC
Caitlin Long 2016 Columbus, OH Deloitte
Orhan Mentese 2016 New York, NY Deloitte
Adam Salzman 2016 Denver, CO Alliance Abroad Group
Wes Stueve 2016 Newport Beach, CA PIMCO
Eli Bibler 2015 Pittsburgh, PA PNC
Matthew Hengst 2015 Orlando, FL Hengst Construction
Edyn Karnis 2015 Orlando, FL J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Tommy Kilbane 2015 Chicago, IL J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Matthew Kohler 2015 Cleveland, OH PNC
Taylor Matthews 2014 New York, NY Goldman Sachs
Mark Bower 2014 Pittsburgh, PA PNC
Cody Faerber 2014 Columbus, OH J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Stuart Lubic 2014 New York, NY Goldman Sachs
Adam Lubic 2014 Chicago, IL Winston & Strawn
Brandon O'Connor 2014 Cleveland, OH Key Bank
Sarah Conwell 2013 Cincinnati, OH ClearArc Capital
Clay Girdner 2013 Cleveland, OH Key Bank
Steve Hong 2013 Korea Mirae Asset Daewoo
Ryan Miller 2013 Columbus, OH J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Kelsey Smith 2013 Raleigh, NC PRA Health Sciences
Kyle Ciccarello 2012 Cleveland, OH Aleris
Anthony DeMaria 2012 Philadelphia, PA Logan Circle Partners
Kevin Haas 2012 Cleveland, OH J.M. Smuckers
Mark Laird 2012 Columbus, OH Cooper, Adel & Associates
Ryan Pavlik 2012 Chicago, IL Golub Capital
Kevin Roth 2012 Cleveland, OH Sherwin Williams
Kathleen Synek 2012 Cleveland, OH Ernst & Young
Robert Elmore 2011 Syracuse, NY KeyBanc Capital Markets
Joseph Flemming 2011 Cleveland, OH KeyBanc Capital Markets
Jeffery Hensein 2011 Columbus, OH Nationwide
Chris Mehlhorn 2011 Cincinnati, OH Timber Bay Partners
Dan Oliver 2010 New York, NY Academy Investment Management
Ben Schillig 2010 Cleveland, OH Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Co.
Tyler Koepf 2009 Minneaoplis, MN United Health Group
Nickolas Prala 2005 Jersey City, NJ Lord Abbett
Brandon Nowac 2004 Cleveland, OH KeyBanc Capital Markets