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College of Business Honors Program

College of Business Honors does not mean more work, it means more opportunities. Opportunities to go abroad, to talk to executives, to build relationships with faculty that can mentor you and be references if you decide to go to grad school. It’s difficult, but the Honors Program has opened up so many opportunities that I never would have had otherwise.

Kevin Hill, Junior, Finance

The College of Business Honors Program is built on the college’s foundation of excellence. Our mission is to provide high-achieving students a unique, personalized learning experience. We give you the opportunity to learn in advanced classes and apply the knowledge from those experiences to exclusive industry research projects. Collaborate with other high-achieving students and engage with exceptional faculty and business leaders to get the most out of your educational experience so that you can transform your world.

You’ll go through the program with a cohort of your peers and develop to your potential in a team environment. By working in teams, you’ll emulate an industry research approach to solving real business problems, anticipating trends, and devising best practices. What does this do for you? You learn to conduct reliable research results with actionable findings. You will learn in and out of the classroom, be challenged, and grow to your true potential with a cohort of peers providing support and friendship.

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