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Program Differentiators

HP vs. HTC

As a high-achieving student interested in Ohio University and business, you have two options: the College of Business Honors Program or the Honors Tutorial College (HTC) Business Administration Program. Both programs are high quality, academically rigorous, and provide a different experience.

Program Features College of Business Honors  Business Honors Tutorial
Focus College of Business Core Classes Business tutorials
Eligibility 3.5+ GPA, SAT 1170+, ACT 26+ Top 10% of high school class
Admission Students admitted as incoming freshman only; 20-25 students Typically students admitted as incoming freshman; 10 students (max)
Scholarship $2,000 renewable annually
(based on academic performance)
Full tuition renewable up to four years
(subject to academic performance)
Coursework Structured upon E.L.I.T.E pillars Flexible, individualized plan with emphasis in one core area of business
Learning Model Collaborative with business professionals Individualized small group tutorial in collaboration with professors
Extracurricular  Service projects, mentoring programs, local and national company visits Service project, faculty, peer, and alumni mentoring programs 
Capstone Senior legacy project Senior thesis, academic article, or professional deliverable

For more information, contact Dr. Ana L. Rosado Feger at for the College of Business Honors Program or Dr. Raymond Frost for the HTC Business Administration Program.