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About Us

Explore the OHIO College of Business Honors Program

Traditional academic programs tend to focus on theory. We’re different. We provide a unique, hands-on approach that models what you’ll find in the real world. Our curriculum combines advanced technical knowledge and analytical skills, and applying them to current industry trends. 

You’ll go through the program as a cohort, a group of students that go through their college experience together taking core business classes together, learning together, and providing support.

Program Features

The College of Business Honors Program is structured upon five key pillars (E.L.I.T.E.) that define and support all activity:

E – Excellence in Communication Skills

Beginning in the first year and progressing through the program, students focus on understanding communication styles and developing public speaking skills and executive presence in various settings.

L – Leadership Skill Training

Leadership skill training achieved through an array of leadership assessments taken each year as well as honors leadership development classes and workshops. Upon arriving as a freshman, you’ll be assigned to a senior student and faculty member. Together they will provide guidance and support throughout your academic career.

I – Intellectual Development

Students are enrolled in honors sections of core business classes and in a carefully designed curriculum specific to the Honors Program across all four years of study. We’ll provide you a rigorous experience structured in a way that will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in today’s business environment.

T – Teamwork Development

Develop your teamwork skills through both coursework, including the honors section of the Integrated Business Cluster, and in organizing various activities for the Honors Program through student-run Committees of Excellence. Honors teams also participate in a variety of case competitions, sponsored by companies such as Microsoft and Deloitte, with an outstanding track record of success.

E – Engagement with the Community

Engagement with the community is accomplished through annual community service projects and a Senior Legacy Project. Additionally, community engagement is built through executive engagements and trips to visit businesses and alumni in major cities.

We believe that business theory must be put into practice. Our program uses a problem-based curriculum in the context of current industry trends and problems. Our focus includes:

  • Alumni shadowing and internships
  • On-site visits to companies from many industries
  • Specialized seminars
  • Systems-thinking approach