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About Us

This program emphasizes lifelong learning. We integrate the academic, applied, and social aspects of education so that our students can excel.

Dr. Annabi, Founding Director

Traditional academic programs tend to focus on theory. We’re different. We provide a unique, hands-on approach that models what you’ll find in the real world. Our curriculum combines advanced technical knowledge and analytical skills, and applying them to current industry trends. 

You’ll go through the program as a cohort, a group of students that go through their college experience together taking core business classes together, learning together, and providing support.

Program Features

Upon arriving as a freshman, you’ll be assigned to a senior student and faculty member. Together they will provide guidance and support throughout your academic career.

You’ll graduate with a professional portfolio of work experiences that captures your successes and will help you achieve your career aspirations.

Our students are expected to conduct two community service projects during the program. As a senior, you will be responsible for developing and executing a project that will benefit future students.

We’ll provide you a rigorous experience structured in a way that will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in today’s business environment.

Soft Skills
Soft skills are essential for success in business. We take a social approach to learning and development in our honors program. You’ll develop skills that employers value and will help you to be successful in the workplace like teamwork, effective communication skills, leadership, analytical skills, and flexibility to adapt.

We believe that like medicine or law, business theory must be put into practice. Our program uses a problem-based curriculum in the context of current industry trends and problems. Our focus includes:

  • Consulting projects with real clients
  • Applied research projects 
  • Alumni shadowing and internships
  • On-site visits to companies from many industries
  • Specialized seminars
  • Applied industry research focused on current industry trends
  • Systems-thinking approach