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Select Leaders

The Select Leadership Development Program turns business students into business leaders

Select Leaders Group 2019


Select Leaders is one of the College of Business’ competitive programs for students who want to differentiate themselves, students who are hungry to embark on a journey of self-discovery, coaching and experiences, and students who are ready to develop into future leaders with integrity and the highest ethical standards.


Freshman- and sophomore-status COB students with a 3.2 GPA minimum may apply to Select Leaders during the spring semester and consists of two components. The first part is a written application that consists of essays, a resume, and one letter of recommendation which evaluates your leadership potential. If your application is selected, finalists will move on to the second component, comprised of individual and group interviews. Those invited into the program will join Select Leaders during the fall semester of the following academic year.


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Select Leaders has been an invaluable asset in developing both my academic and professional career. The program has provided an incredibly transformational experience, equipping me with the confidence and ability to enact change through leadership.

Allyson Lagiovane '18


The Select Leadership Development Program accelerates personal growth, professional development, and leadership identity of high-potential students using principle-based leadership practices. To learn more, contact leadership at or visit the College of Business' Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership in Copeland 401.