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About Us

The Select Leadership Development Program offers an unmatched opportunity for both professional and personal development.

Select Leaders begin the process of discovering their leadership identity through leadership curriculum, self-assessments, 360-degree feedback, and coaching sessions. Members apply what they have learned during engagements with real-world executives and networking trips to engage professionals in other cities. Furthermore, they utilize their leadership to serve others through mentoring other students and participating in community service events.

Seminar Components:

  • Members begin studying principle-based leadership through different works of leadership curriculum. Members begin with interactive training on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to learn to lead themselves and others with principles.
  • Through self-assessment, students are provided the opportunity to identify their personal leadership styles and skills while they focus on areas of improvement.
  • Students are paired with a mentor/mentee in order to provide opportunities for personal and professional development. In addition, each student is assigned a faculty coach with whom they discuss personal and professional accomplishments and goals.
  • Student-led seminars provide students with the opportunity to lead discussions and activities that pertain to leadership and professional development. Students are able to choose topics that are currently impacting themselves and their peers.
  • Students are provided the opportunity to engage with executives in order to learn from their life and leadership experiences. Executive engagements can take on various formats including small group discussions, case studies and question-and-answer sessions.
  • A Leadership Development Plan provides the student with an opportunity to reflect on and effectively communicate what they have learned in the program. The plan contains multiple components such as goal setting and reflection on coaching sessions, curriculum, and self-assessments.
  • Networking trips are an essential part of the application process of the program. Each class of members take an annual trip in addition to several trips throughout the year involving members from all classes. Members are able to engage alumni and supporters of the program in various companies across multiple cities.