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Executive Engagements

Executive Engagements are one of the cornerstone opportunities in the Select Leaders program. These discussions are among the most constructive aspects of the program and provide insight on the application of Principle-Based Leadership to the problems facing high-level executives.

Executive Engagements

2018-2018 engagements include:

  • Jason Moore, CEO of IGS Home Warranty
  • Chris Hellmann, Global VP and GM, Coca-Cola
  • Ed Oates, Co-Founder of Oracle
  • Bill Lombardo, Executive Coach at LCS Solutions
  • Jeff Cogan, Senior Director of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn
  • Kevin Barnett, CEO of Core Modeling Technologies 

2017 - 2018 engagements included:

  • Steve Krebs, Chief Operating Officer at The Control Company
  • Greg Robinson, Principal at The Hackett Group
  • Drew Fischer, Senior Advisor at Dell Inc.
  • Emily Tedford, Associate Analyst at 84.51º

2016 - 2017 engagements included:

  • Lisa George, Vice President of Talent Management at Walmart
  • Karl Beeman, Facilitation Leader of Global Leader Development at Walmart
  • Judy Shoulak, Executive Vice President of North America Buffalo Wild Wings

Class Trips

Fall 2019, the Junior class visits:
Chicago, Illinois

Fall 2019, the Sophomore class visits:
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Spring 2019, the Senior class visits:
Southwest, Florida

Spring 2019, the Sophomore class visits:
Pittsburgh, Pensylvania

Fall 2018, the Junior class visited:
Chicago, Illinois

Spring 2018, the Senior class visited:
San Francisco, California

Spring 2018, the Sophomore class visited:
Detroit, Michigan

Fall 2017, the Junior class visited:
Charlotte, North Carolina

Spring 2017, the Senior class visited:
Seattle, Washington and Portland, Orgeon

Spring 2017, the Sophomore class visited:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fall 2016, the Junior class visited:
Chicago, Illinois