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Entrepreneurship Major

The economic development of our nation is sparked primarily by the entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit emerges from a unique segment of the population. A continual infusion of new ideas and energy brought forth by these entrepreneurs is the cornerstone of economic growth in our country. As such, entrepreneurs and their ventures are vitally important in the process of economic revitalization. If this describes you, consider majoring in entrepreneurship.

At the College of Business at Ohio University, we recognize that success in entrepreneurship requires a broad base of knowledge, skills, and competencies. The required courses ensure a variety of rich developmental experiences that can include applied learning, case analysis, research projects, team-based active learning projects, and guest speakers, in addition to traditional classroom lectures and discussions. This major places a strong emphasis on written and oral communications skills, teamwork, and personal initiative.

You can be assured of the academic quality of our program.  We were ranked a finalist for the 2014 Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

In addition to the rigorous curriculum and coursework, Ohio University has a Center for Entrepreneurship that is a partnership between the College of Business and Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.  We know that there is no substitute for hands-on experience.  Our Center for Entrepreneurship empowers students to turn ideas into action by competing for capital to fund business ideas in Idea Pitch, or by bringing renowned guest speakers to Campus like Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanion and Ohio University alum Alan Schaaf, founder of the image hosting site Imgur (pronounced imager).