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International Business

In today’s global economy, all businesses–large and small–are affected by international competitors and events. Success in the global marketplace will depend on the ability of managers to understand the structures and processes that influence international business.

The international business major is designed to provide this understanding and to develop the needed competencies of global business leaders.

Graduates of the international business major are prepared to accept international assignments that arise during their career and pursue domestic postings that integrate a range of international and cross-cultural dimensions. These can include positions involving such activities as exporting and importing, international supply chain management, human resource management, international marketing and sales, international market analysis and entry, and work involving a range of governmental or nongovernmental organizations.

We know that there is no substitute for hands-on experience, so the Ohio University College of Business established the Center for International Business.  With the shift toward globalization in business, the College of Business recognized a need to provide students the skills and perspectives necessary to function in an increasingly diverse and complex global context.  We recognize that the best way to grow that knowledge is through international and cross-cultural business experiences, the kind of experiences offered through the Center for International Business.