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Management Information Systems

The ability to successfully design and implement business information systems has become a cornerstone in all industries.


Modern businesses simply cannot compete without the power of information systems. As a result, MIS skills are no longer optional for business professionals. The dynamic nature of our current business environment dictates that all areas of business leverage the power of information systems to perform effectively.

The bottom line? MIS professionals play a strategic role in all businesses through analyzing and integrating people, process, and information technology. This creates unprecedented opportunities for management information systems professionals. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for business analysts to grow much faster than the job market in the foreseeable future.

As an MIS student in OHIO's College of Business, you’ll learn the technical and analytical skills necessary for success. You’ll put what you learn in the classroom into practice, gaining the hands-on experience that will solidify those skills for life-long success.

When you graduate from the program, you’ll have an inventory of hard skills that you can apply the first day of your career, skills like systems implementation, consulting, technical writing, project management, risk assessment, change management, case modeling, information systems fundamentals, and process mapping and design. You’ll also have developed the soft skills necessary to connect and communicate key business needs with IT solutions.

In the Ohio University College of Business, our approach to teaching is well matched to the market opportunity. Our teaching philosophy is recognized for excellence. In fact, the Management Information Systems degree is consistently ranked one of the top in the country.

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Our graduates understand and contribute to each phase of the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), through curriculum focused on analyzing, designing, and implementing information systems (IS) that solve business problems, meet enterprise information requirements and help businesses achieve strategic goals. Our goal is to prepare you for entry-level analyst positions in industry and consulting.


  • During Spring Semester 2019-20, OHIO's Information Systems and Analytics Professionals student organization welcomed PWC, EY, Agility Partners, Marathon Petroleum, KPMG, Infoverity, and Cardinal Health to campus. Students networked with industry professionals, learned about technology trends, and gained additional insights about the skills sought by employers.
  • OHIO's Department of Analytics and Information Systems welcomes Integrated Business Cluster students to MIS Day - Students learn more about the MIS major and analytics co-major READ MORE


Looking back, I wish I had focused more on MIS and analytics during my undergraduate experience. The concepts you learn are at the core of so many different parts of business, and I know focusing more on this field at an earlier point in my development would have only helped.

Marshall Payne


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