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Careers in Management

Are you prepared to lead by nurturing and supporting others? True leadership and successful management will come from enabling team members to excel. The management and strategic leadership major will prepare you to successfully do that in any field.

Our first objective is to help you learn and our primary reference group is the global business community. So, we strive to prepare you to make significant contributions to that community and the larger community throughout your career. To accomplish this, we commit ourselves as a faculty to being current, relevant, creative, and innovative in working with you and the business community.

Careers in management include account representative, human resource management, or a management training program. An account representative is someone responsible for customer or client accounts, acting as the conduit between their needs and the other departments in the organization. That might be at an advertising agency, where your role would be translating client needs to the creative department, managing projects, and helping create the business strategy. As a specialist in human resources, you’ll be responsible for attracting, selecting, training, assessing, and rewarding an organization’s employees. You would also work to ensure compliance with employment and labor laws. Many companies start new employees as part of a management training program. These kinds of programs allow you to work in various departments, exposing you to many roles within the organization. With a foundation of broad experience, you’d be able to choose your own career path and generally move quickly into leadership roles.

Career Spotlight

David Jackson
Senior Internet Marketing Strategist for RevLocal

David JacksonDavid Jackson graduated in '09 with a dual degree in management and strategic leadership and marketing. Today he is a senior internet marketing strategist and team manager for Inc. 500 digital marketing agency RevLocal in Columbus, Ohio. David leads his team in building relationships with small to medium sized companies across North America to optimize their online presence and deliver results. Previously, he served more than three years as marketing and resource development director with the Madison County Ohio Chamber of Commerce. He is a regular contributor to and



My education and real world experiences at Ohio University’s College of Business prepared me to be successful. World class programs such as the Business Cluster lead by supportive and accessible professors taught me the teamwork and communication skills I use every day in my business career.

David Jackson, '09