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Student Organizations

Association of Multicultural Sports Professionals (AMSP)

Association of Multicultural Sports Professionals at Ohio University is being established to support and promote diversity in the sport workforce. It is our duty to build each other professionally through workshops, events and the guidance of the Department of Sports Administration to successfully transition comfortably into a graduate program or professional sports career.

Advisor: Destiny Price,

International Sports Agent Organization (ISAO)

The International Sports Agent Organization (ISAO) is a club that specializes in learning about the labor side of sports. That means anything from researching professional leagues collective bargaining agreements to investigating what it takes to become a sports agent.

Advisor: Brandon Wright,

Ohio Sports Analytics Team

The Ohio Sports Analytics Team is an organization for undergraduate students focused on deliberating developments in the field of analytics, providing hands on experience with statistical data and information systems, and preparing members for life in the industry. 

Sigma Alpha Sigma Mu (ΣΑΣΜ)

Sigma Alpha Sigma Mu was established in 2012 at Ohio University, as the first professional sport management fraternity in the nation. The fraternity provides a platform for highly involved and academically excellent undergraduate sport management students to prepare and develop professionally for a career in the sport industry. Members must be students in an undergraduate program offered by the Department of Sports Administration and maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.80 or higher. 

Advisors: Scott Smith, and Matthew Cacciato,

Sports Business Association (SBA)

The Ohio University Sports Business Association is an organization of individuals who wish to enhance their educational experience outside of the classroom with like-minded individuals who are all working toward a common goal of improving themselves and their peers through practical experiences.

Advisors: Anne Brackley, and James Kahler,

Women in Sports

Women in Sports is the number one voice and leading resource at Ohio University for female undergraduate and graduate students looking to enter the sport industry. The goal of Women in Sports is to enhance the development and growth of women in the sports industry by providing information about issues, challenges, and opportunities in the sports industry.

Advisor: Christina Wright,