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Intergenerational Management

Leverage your Millennial workforce.

The Millennial generation has entered the workforce and is beginning to make its mark on how we do business. Some refer to them as disloyal job-hoppers, we refer to them as the biggest business opportunity in decades.

During our highly engaging and interactive program, you will learn to effectively manage across four generations in the workforce, with an emphasis placed on the Millennials. This program is based on research gathered from more than 13,000 surveys and interviews.

We will use two proprietary assessments to identify your work and communication styles in addition to exercises to apply the content. As a participant, you can be confident you'll leave this workshop better able to lead your team and organization, across the generations, to success.

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Identify your communication and work styles
  • Flex your styles to manage across all generations
  • Understand changes in recruiting and onboarding resulting from a multi-generational workforce
  • Hone your coaching and communication cadence dependent on generation

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Improve workforce cohesion through better generational understanding
  • Enhance talent acquisition and retention efforts
  • Optimize learning and development programs
  • Create generational inclusivity within and across teams

Program Topics

  • Generational Differences and Strategies
  • Recruiting Across Generations
  • Onboarding and Ongoing Development
  • Soft Skills and Social Capital
  • Communicating and Coaching
  • Motivation via Compensation
  • Selling to and with the Millennial Generation
  • Closing the Generational Gap

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