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Reach mutual agreement.

To many, negotiation creates a deep feeling of apprehension. We bring with us individual biases and fears when finding agreement with our customer. These emotions can cause undue stress and often impact final results. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Negotiation is about managing emotions, on both sides of the table, to ensure an agreement is reached that is mutually beneficial.

This program will provide you with a means of understanding negotiating styles and techniques as well as determining when to use them. We will evaluate the importance of entering a negotiation with a strategy and building a repeatable method to develop such strategy.

Finally, we bring thoughts and tactics on emotional intelligence and using emotions to benefit negotiations.

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Understand different negotiation styles, their traps and benefits, and assess your preferred-style
  • Map variables within negotiations to build a winning strategy
  • Build emotional intelligence to succeed in negotiations and beyond

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Improve negotiating capabilities within the organization
  • Enhance strategy and planning in preparation for negotiations
  • Foster an environment which encourages emotional intelligence
  • Use assessment results to plan for future development opportunities

Program Topics

  • Negotiation Transition and Fundamentals
  • Understanding Negotiation Styles
  • Building Your Strategy
  • Multi-Person Negotiations
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Managing Emotions

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