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Professional Selling I

Developing your sales tool kit.

You've seen it, the sales profession has seen a dramatic shift in recent history. Customers have more access to information than any time in history and sales professionals have to adapt. Research suggests that buyers are often more than half way through their decision process before talking with us, so interactions are limited and critical.

As one of the first universities to ever identify the importance of teaching and researching professional selling skills, Ohio University has nearly 20 years of experience training salespeople and assisting sales organizations worldwide. We combine the latest research, best practices, and our faculty's own personal experiences to improve your selling skills and sales process.

This program delivers on building the necessary sales capabilities in today’s increasingly competitive environment. We will introduce practical tools throughout the program to develop your sales toolkit. The steps of the sales process are examined to ensure your sales cycles are efficiently driven through to close.

Interactive activities throughout the day will help you drill down on the concepts and ensure that you can apply the strategies from the program to your career. 

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Enhance personal selling skills and abilities
  • Understand the importance of establishing control
  • Develop and practice messaging across different prospect levels
  • Learn advanced questioning techniques
  • Assess a prospect’s verbal and nonverbal cues

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Improve your sales representatives' ability to build rapport and qualify prospects
  • Formalize messaging and best practices shared across representatives and teams
  • Increase your team's listening abilities with a structured approach
  • Advance organization-wide emotional intelligence in addition to verbal and nonverbal cue spotting

Program Topics 

  • Establishing Control
  • Building Credibility and Common Ground
  • Basic Questioning and Listening
  • Advanced Questioning
  • Advanced Listening

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To learn more about this and other programs, please contact Greg Scott, executive education program manager, at or at 614.793.5654.