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Sales Leadership I

Fundamentals for leading your sales team.

Your path to sales management likely started with being a sales representative, and probably a really good one at that. However, the traits that make a great representative do not necessarily make a great manager. Being a manager forces us to develop a different set of skills that must be practiced and improved to be truly effective.

We created this program to serve as a starting point to tackle some of the common challenges we hear from sales managers. Your time is valuable but issues like recruiting, coaching, and training are massively important to your success as a manager which is why we structured our program the way we did.

You'll partake multiple exercises to learn and improve these skills, including mapping out recruiting efforts, improving training cycles, and developing strategy at the front-line.

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Understand the differences between selling and managing
  • Develop a front-line management strategy to meet team goals
  • Build a recruiting and training strategy that ensures quality hires with fast ramp-up times

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Provide sales managers with a means to think strategically about their roles
  • Challenge managers to develop an overarching strategy for their role
  • Empower managers with recruiting and hiring best practices
  • Improve managers’ abilities in training new representatives to full ramp-up

Program Topics

  • Manager Traps and Competencies
  • Designing Strategy and Vision
  • Sourcing Sales Talent
  • Time Management: The Hybrid Manager
  • Sales Force Structure
  • The Training Cycle

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