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Sales Leadership III

Taking your leadership skills to the next level.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

As a sales manager, you are forced to wear multiple hats. You are responsible for your team's results, morale, and efforts, but also for preparing your organization to push to the next level. To successfully lead in so many roles requires you to think at different levels. It goes beyond simple strategy and tactics; it raises the question: is there a better way?

This program brings innovation into your daily life as a sales manager. Few other roles have as much contact with internal stakeholders and customers as the role of a sales manager. You have a unique view into organizational challenges and potential innovations. Organizations that empower and utilize such insights to innovate are put on a path of sustained future growth.

We'll use exercises around innovation and advanced management techniques throughout the program to improve your leadership skills.

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Understand how to evaluate performance based on customer-centric KPIs
  • Advance critical and strategic thinking in core areas
  • Learn how to manage a sales force’s hearts and minds
  • Improve motivational techniques

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Push leaders to better respond to organizational goals
  • Improve managers’ ability to innovate within their roles
  • Enhance communication and hiring methods
  • Equip managers with the tools needed to win the hearts and minds of their teams

Program Topics

  • Pragmatic Leadership
  • Evaluating Performance with Customer-Centric KPIs
  • Innovation, Creativity, and Diversity
  • Resume Assessment and Interviewing
  • Communication as a Manager
  • Managing Your Sales Force’s Mind and Soul for High Performance
  • Motivating in Team Environments

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