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Sourcing and Attention

Find the best customer.

Sales activity drives business results, but does activity without process do the same? High-powered sales organizations focus not only on activity but activity in the right places. Identifying, segmenting, and qualifying accounts is just as important as the message delivered.

You'll go hands-on in this program to learn and use a quantifiable approach to segmenting customers, identifying prospects, and ranking accounts to allocate resources. We teach you a formalized approach to lead generation that ensures you will not only grasp the concepts during the program but will be able to implement them after training.

You'll learn a method to segment key personas in the first half of the program and then dive into powerful messaging tactics and strategies. 

Key Individual Outcome

  • Grasp the fundamentals of segmenting customers
  • Learn methods to streamline identifying, personifying, and qualifying accounts
  • Build messaging maps and craft value propositions based on segmentation and persona
  • Proactively address concerns and build value through targeted messaging

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Drive sales results through improved prospecting efforts
  • Refine participant's abilities to identify, target, and message different segments
  • Equip participants with the tools to better qualify accounts
  • Improve messaging for key segments and personas

Program Topics

  • Understanding Customer Types and Values
  • Determining Scope and Customer Segmentation
  • Identify, Qualify, and Personify
  • The Psychology of Attention
  • The Three Levels of Value
  • Attention Objectives and Process

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