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Strategic Account Management

Protecting and growing customers.

Sales is getting more competitive in this increasingly digital and global world. No longer can we rest on our relationships or preferred vendor status. Customers are barraged by our competitors and we must stay ahead. This is an even greater problem if you serve in roles such as a strategic or key account manager. 

To effectively manage large scale accounts takes more than just relationships, you must examine the data before you to make important sales decisions. This program is designed to break down some of the common barriers salespeople face in understanding where to invest limited resources within accounts.

You will work through a systematic model to analyze current accounts, identify and track KPIs within accounts and develop a strategy for future engagement.

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Analyze your existing customer bases to identify proper resource allocation
  • Develop engagement strategies for identified accounts
  • Blueprint accounts’ KPIs to ensure effective resource spread
  • Understand how to use technology to maximize customer lifetime value

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Elevate the sales force’s ability to manage for maximum customer lifetime value
  • Enhance current resource allocation across accounts
  • Build formalized account strategies for implementation post-training
  • Develop a data-driven approach to managing accounts

Program Topics

  • Core Competencies
  • Account Analysis and Categorization
  • Account Goals and Forecasting
  • Account Strategies and Blueprinting
  • Prioritizing Key Accounts
  • Utilizing Technology 

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