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Time Management

Execute, on time.

Time management is frequently identified as one of the biggest challenges for professionals in all roles and industries. Chances are, you have at some point thought "there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything," but the shocking research we bring into the program indicates Americans waste an average of 2 hours a day. How can such a dissonance exist? We explore within this impactful program. 

We'll examine common time management pitfalls and understand your individual challenges, determined through proprietary self-assessments and exercises. Ultimately, we'll highlight methods for you to better manage their abilities, goals, and time.

The best leaders, salespeople, and professionals manage time exceptionally well but these people were not born with this ability innately - it comes from consistent practice. We'll provide you the tools and exercises to begin improving your time management skills to improve your personal and professional life.

Key Individual Outcomes

  • Understand the five internal areas of focus to manage time
  • Map individual time constraints with a time mapping tool
  • Master individual time management and planning strategies
  • Determine and understand external factors affecting your time

Key Organizational Outcomes

  • Drive best practices in time management across teams
  • Improve personal goal setting of employees to ensure initiatives are completed on time.
  • Provide actionable strategies for participants to better prioritize and handle interruptions

Program Topics

  • Five Internal Areas of Time Management Focus
  • Prioritization: Determining the Urgent and the Important
  • Determining Optimal Time Allocation
  • External Factors Influencing Time Management
  • Difficult Interactions

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