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Junior Executive Business Program for Diverse Students

Lead your legacy in business.

After more than 13 years of engagement and impact, Ohio University’s Junior Executive Business Program has immersed more than 300 high school students of diverse backgrounds in the core areas of business education. This rigorous on-campus academic experience has prepared Ohio University College of Business graduates to achieve success in their future careers.

The Junior Executive Business Program maintains a rich and pertaint history with the college and continues to have an impact through current students that have entered the university as a result of their experience. The college remains committed to providing real-world professional opportunities for students of underrepresented backgrounds at OHIO.

Apply for KeyBank Scholars Program

The College of Business welcomes admitted diverse freshman to apply for the KeyBank Scholars Program, a diversity and inclusion program scholarship program that prepares students with the professional skills needed to become global leaders in today's workforce.

Learn more about KeyBank Scholars Program requirements.