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KeyBank Scholars Program

Scholarship and professional development program for diverse College of Business students.

The College of Business is excited to announce its inaugural year of KeyBank Scholars. KeyBank Scholars is a diversity and inclusion scholarship program that offers 15 diverse students an $8,000 scholarship that will be evenly dispersed over four years. 

Students in this program will participate in professional development activities to gain the following skills to successfully transition into the workplace and become future global leaders: 

Students will learn different types of leadership skills while developing their own personal style.

Today's business environment is unpredictable; students will learn to adapt to ever-changing and evolving business environments.

Self-Assessment & Reflection
Students will identify careers and future opportunities that suit their interests, skills, and styles.

Civic Engagement
Students will increase their understanding of the relationship between philanthropic endeavors and business education. 

Problem Solving
Students will develop the ability to solve business problems creatively outside the classroom.

Time Management
Students will improve their organization skills and successfully manage time commitments by balancing co-curricular programs with other responsibilities. 

For more information, please contact Student Services at or call 740.593.2042.