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Brody Gilliand

BrodyGraduation Year: 2020

High School: Warren High School

Hometown: Cutler, Ohio

Majors: Management and Strategic Leadership; Marketing; Sales certificate


- Director of Onboarding at Schey Sales Centre
- Select Leaders
- COB Student Ambassador


About me:

Hey everyone! My name is Brody Gilliand and I'm a junior in the College of Business studying management and strategic leadership, marketing, and earning a sales certificate. I joined the College of Business as an undecided business major. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do! This soon changed after I started meeting instructors and joining organizations. During my first semester at Ohio University, I joined the Schey Sales Centre. I quickly became involved in the organization and earned a leadership position as the director of onboarding. I am now in charge of leading over 100 students a semester through a two-month onboarding process. The experience I'm getting from this role is next to none! I am also involved in the Select Leaders Program. Here I get to spend two hours a week with my amazing peers while dialing in my leadership and professional skills. I most recently became involved in the student ambassador group. In this role, I am able to express my passion for OHIO while helping students like you! Joining these organizations has shown me what I truly enjoy and what I am passionate about. This allowed me to easily choose my majors even though I came in clueless! Being involved has been an incredible part of my experience at OHIO but the professors are what sets us apart. The professors bring valuable industry knowledge and teach with unbelievable passion! This passion connects with me on such a deep level that it makes learning much easier. These are many of the reasons I love the College of Business. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me! 

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