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Copeland Core

The kickoff to your college experience.

Our Approach

We’ve developed a sequence of courses that’ll get your college experience off to the right start. We like to call it the Copeland Core.  

During your freshman year, you’ll be introduced to likeminded students in your learning community and take introduction courses together. Our goal is to expose you to the different facets of business and set you up for a successful four years. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Learning Communities 

Building your Business Bobcat community

Learning communities are designed to connect you with others in your intended major and give you the opportunity to interact with College of Business faculty. As a learning community student, you’re guaranteed enrollment in four required courses for fall semester. There’s nothing like kicking off your college experience with new friends and a great start to your academic career.

Core Courses

Introduction to the College of Business

We’ll show you where to go, who to meet, and what to do during the next four years as a business student. During this course, you’ll explore each major and the student services that are available to you. You’ll also hear from guest speakers, including department chairs and center director who will become a resource in selecting a major, minor or certificate, and student representatives who will show you the countless ways to get involved outside of the classroom.

Introduction to Business

You’re not expected to know it all. When we were in your shoes, we didn’t either. That’s why you’ll participate in a course that answers the question: what is business? We’ll walk you through the different career paths and teach you the skills you need to be successful in navigating today’s business environment.

Introduction to Business Communication and Professional Skills

Now let’s put it into action. In this course, you’ll take everything you’ve learned about business and start polishing your communication and professional skills. We’ll help you apply basic principles and standards through group projects and presentations. You’ll take what you’ve learned and continue to build on it throughout the next four years in preparation for real-world workplace experiences.