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Faculty and student organizations can request career readiness workshops be presented to their class or student group. Below you will find a list of available workshops and descriptions of each. All requests can be made by clicking the link below and must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of desired workshop date. Once your request is submitted an OCM staff member will follow up within one week concerning the status of the request.

Request a Workshop


Workshop Descriptions

Navigating Your Digital Presence
Discover how to view your online profile through the lens of an employer. This workshop will provide insight on how to enhance your digital presence acrossplatforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Bobcat Career Link and more.

Executive Presence
Have you ever wondered how some people seem to command the attention in a room? Two words, Executive Presence. This workshop will help you discover your executive presence by revealing the key components involved.

Professional Presentations
Want to present like a pro? Request this workshop where we will provide tips to elevate your presentation skills from amateur to board room ready.

The Follow Up
Discover the art of crafting a hand written thank you note. We will provide insight on how and when to follow up with employers you have met and/or interviewed with.

Salary Negotiation
Discover the art of negotiating with confidence. In this workshop you will learn how to effectively evaluate a job offer in terms of the proposed salary, benefits, and advancement opportunities. We will also discuss how to navigate the negotiation conversation with an employer.

Verbalizing Your Resume
Learn how to articulate your experience without reading directly from your resume. This workshop will provide the tools needed to confidently talk success!

How to Chit Chat
Discover the art of Chit Chat. This workshop will provide insight on how to hold lasting conversations with employers, colleagues, and alumni in various settings.

Skype and Phone Interviews
Learn tips and tricks for phone and skype interviews. Unlike a face-to-face interview, phone and skype interviews require additional practice to focus on voice tone, annunciation, and clear answers. 

Leading Yourself & Managing Up
Do you envision yourself one day being in a leadership position with a company? Before you can lead others you must first learn to lead yourself. In this workshop you will gain insight on how to better lead yourself and manage up by asking great questions.

Vision Mapping
Do you have a vision for your life? This workshop will assist with bringing that vision to reality. During the workshop you will evaluate your goals and create a vision board which is a tool to keep you focused on your journey to achieving your goals.

Email 101
Tired of second guessing the emails you type? Discover the correct way to craft a professional email and save yourself from second guessing if you should press send. During this workshop you will not only learn to enhance your email writing but also how to use Microsoft Outlook.

Please contact or Destiny Price, Assistant Director of Career Management via email or phone (740) 597-3008 with any questions or comments regarding workshop requests or the Suit Up Career Readiness Series.